This model is under active development. If you would like to chat about using the model please don’t hesitate to reach out to and for support

PyPSA-USA is an open-source energy system dataset of the United States energy system designed for expansion planning and operational simulations.


PyPSA-USA provides you with a toolkit to customize the data and policy constraints of energy system planning model with ease. Through configuration file you can control the spatial, temporal, and operational resolution of your energy system model with access to cleaned and prepared historical and forecasted data. This means, you can build a model of ERCOT, WECC, or the Eastern interconnection, where the transmission network is clustered to N nodes, respecting the boundaries of balancing areas, states, or REeDs shape boundaries, using historical EIA-930 demand data years 2018-2023 or NREL EFS forcasted demand, with historical fuel prices from ISOs/EIA, and capital cost projections from the NREL Annual Technology Baseline.

You can create and export the power system data model to use in your own homebrewed optimization model OR use the built-in PyPSA-USA optimization features to layer on additional policy and operational constraints. For planning studies, we’ve integrated data on regional Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), emissions constraints, and other state-level policy constraints. We’re actively building this model so more features are on the way!

PyPSA-USA builds on and leverages the work of PyPSA-EUR developed by TU Berlin. PyPSA-USA is actively developed by the INES Research Group at Stanford University and the ΔE+ Research Group at Simon Fraser University.